Tap classes at MK Dance are designed for beginners and experienced dancers to experience and explore the links of rhythm and improvisation that tap provides. Once they have a good grasp of the basics, pupils are encouraged to build upon them and progress through the grades.

At MK Dance we follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus which prepares children for examinations from Primary to Advanced 2. Tap classes start at 4 years in a combined ballet and tap class, from age 5 onwards children are taught tap in classes which fully focus on the discipline.

Tap & Modern classes are held for children and adults of all ages at all our locations - please get in touch for some more information.

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Disclaimer - if you are taking part in the online classes or stretching exercises please ensure you're wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, the area is safe and clear and to remove anything which could cause injury to be removed. Parents, please ensure your child's safety.

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