Class Prices and Term Dates



Classes start from £6.70, however fees are dependent on the length of the class and the entry level of your child, which vary for the different locations. There is also discounts for children who do more than one class at the school, this can be a combination of ballet, tap and the elite classes that the school runs.  Please contact us to find the costs for the class most suitable for your child. 


Further discounts are applicable for families that have more than one sibling attending if no other discounts have been applied.




The term dates are the dates that we will be teaching, except for half term, where the children will get a well deserved break! MK Dance will follow the Croydon and Bromley Boroughs official school dates. The remainder of the 2019/2020 school year is as follows:


Spring Term (12 week term)

Term Begins W/C 6th January

Half Term W/C 17th February (1 Week)

Term Ends Saturday 4th April

Disclaimer - if you are taking part in the online classes or stretching exercises please ensure you're wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, the area is safe and clear and to remove anything which could cause injury to be removed. Parents, please ensure your child's safety.

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