Backstage at the Royal Albert Hall

In March 2016 I performed in my 5th production at The Royal Albert Hall. The show entitled ‘The

Classical Spectacular’ is the UK’s most popular classical music show, featuring music from the

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Royal Choral Society and the Band of the Household Cavalry.

With dance company ‘The London Lites’, I performed as one of the Classical Spectacular

dancers, beginning with training in rehearsals studios located in Finsbury, North London. Dancing

at the Royal Albert Hall, is not like any other performance I have done. The detail of the

choreography and pattern work has to be performed with such precision in order to give 360

performance which reaches everyone in the audience. Watching from the upper tier of seating in

The Royal Albert Hall, the spacing and alignment of the dancers is of upmost importance, giving

the illusion of synchronisation. Furthermore, as a Dancer, we are continually reminded of how

much projection is required in order to give a strong and secure performance.

Backstage at the Royal Albert Hall, our dressing room is your average dancers scene -

Various Muscle rollers, muscle rubs and warm up onesies. The ‘Can-Can’ which we perform as

the Finale of Act Two, particularly requires a vigorous warm up process to make sure the

hamstrings and hips are ready for the upcoming routine, which includes a total of 32 lovely leggy

kicks, several handstands, and your typical Can-Can Jump into the splits! Maintaining flexibility is

important as its very desirable in todays dance scene, particularly with the move to more gymnastic

movement in various dance genres. Furthermore the stamina needed for this show, highlights how

important fitness is as a dancer.

Hearing the cheers of the 5000 strong audience is the buzz we all crave as dancers and

performing at The Royal Albert Hall will forever be an amazing memory in my performing career.

Keep stretching kids and remember performance matters no matter how big the audience, whether

this be in the studio, in an exam or on the stage!

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