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On the 6th October I was lucky enough to attend the Festival of Marketing (I know what you're thinking, me, surrounded by marketers, at a Festival... just doesn't seem right). My main reason for attending was to see Kimberley Wyatt give a session called "From Pussycat Doll to mum on a mission: How brands can make the most of multidimensional celebrity talent", and I was very impressed with the former Pussycat Doll and Master-chef winner!

A career which started in Ballet has led Kimberley move on to other fantastic projects which include:

A career in music which has seen her sell over 50 million singles

Television and Film Roles

Becoming an ambassador for a number of brands and great causes

Despite all of these successes it was Kimberley's humbleness and desire to stay true to herself which really struck a chord with me. Ballet and Family is everything to me, and Kimberley had the same message and was able to show that you can do fantastically well in life while keeping true to what you believe in. I hope all my students read this and can see that Ballet doesn't just have to be something you do once a week... if you love it you can really propel yourself to some amazing places.

Kimberley also spoke about her WellFit pledge and is something I have pledged too, and will hopefully get the school involved with in the future. www.imwellfit.com

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