Monthly Round Up

January 31, 2020



January Round Up


Hello everyone! As the the school continues to grow there is so much going on which you might have missed, this is a quick blog to hopefully showcase some of those things and also ask for your feedback - so here goes!


MK Dance redesign


We have been doing a lot to give our website, social media pages and emails a bit of a refresh. There is a lot more imagery with links through to pages to try and make your experience and ability to do things like pay, read important information and access other information. It would be great to get your feedback on this and if it is something that you like, or if there areas we can improve on. We aim to make your experience at the school as friendly as possible so all your feedback would be welcome.


Ballet Exams


A number of pupils will be put forward for exams in March so things may be a little more hectic than usual over the next few months. I have been hearing great things from the teachers about those being put forward for exams so keep up the good work and good luck to everyone who will be taking exams!




We are fast approaching Festival season so I have been seeing which ones would be most relevant for the school. I will start asking parents and pupils soon if they would like to take part in the Festivals and will let you know dates and timings as soon as I know.




I have put a poll on Facebook asking about a possible workshop. This is something we have done before and I would love to do again! What we have done previously and would look to do again would be get somebody in form a West End show to teach about performance and teach routines and songs from their show. Pleas vote and let me know if there are any particular shows you would like us to showcase!

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