Kathryn Billings


Kathryn Billings started dancing at the age of 3 at her local dance school. She carried on right up to the Royal Academy of Dance gaining a BA(Hons) Arts, a Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance (LRAD) and a registered teachers status (RTS)


After Graduating Kathryn continued to teach primarily in Croydon and Bromley, founding her own school, MK Dance in 2008. Over the years, Kathryn has taught over 400 pupils, developing students for examinations with a 100% success rate. Kathryn also currently mentors new students for the RAD Teaching certificate.


Alongside all her teaching Kathryn is also a Mummy to Poppy, Matilda, Eliza and Arlo.

Alice Moore


Alice started ballet at the age of 7 at her local ballet school. She then went on to join the Birmingham Royal Ballet then the Royal Academy of Dance in London where she graduated with a BA (Hons) Ballet Education and Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance (LRAD).

Alice is an integral part of the school who manages class syllabus, festival entry and show planning.

Daisy Smalley Nicholson


Daisy graduated from Performers College with a level 6 Trinity College Diploma in Musical Theatre. She discovered a passion for dance teaching after graduating and working with children in primary schools teaching Musical Theatre workshops. 

Daisy has been instrumental in growing tap and Musical theatre classes at MK Dance.

Anna Austin


Anna looks after our Wednesday classes at the Shirley Methodist Church. Anna is a fantastic asset to the school having taught for a number of years and is a former pupil of Kathryn Billings.

Rebecca Hooper


Rebecca is a student at MK Dance who also excels at Gymnastics. Rebecca hopes out by sharing her enthusiasm for dance with the younger pupils on a Saturday morning.

Poppy Billings


Poppy is following in her mothers' footsteps and loves to support the younger child in their development. Poppy also writes blog posts and helps with the videos in our online learning portal.


All of our dance and musical theatre classes are taught by highly qualified and professional teachers, all of whom will be security checked to secret the safety of pupils. The aim of the school is to provide a safe and fun environment for children and adults to learn. We strive to help develop self-confidence and love of dance in our students while preparing them for exams and performance. Many students have gone on to vocational schools and become professional dancers and performers. 

Disclaimer - if you are taking part in the online classes or stretching exercises please ensure you're wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, the area is safe and clear and to remove anything which could cause injury to be removed. Parents, please ensure your child's safety.

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