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First steps into dance

At Tiny Tot Bop we realise and promote enthusiasm and energy in a captivating, full of fun dance session, lead by our qualified teachers and Bubblegum the bear. Tiny Tot Bop classes encourage children to move in rhythm to music and build their gross motor skills, it also incorporates elements of Ballet, Modern and Gymnastics in a way that is easy to pick up. Classes are educational with lessons incorporating colours, counting, shapes and movement and taught in a way that is fun and memorable.


Tiny Tot Bop classes have been designed by RAD-qualified teachers alongside child development practitioners with the aim of using dance to stimulate young children while also aiding and helping physical development.  


Classes are suitable for both boys and girls aged from 18 months, however, younger children have joined in on the sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed the classes.  So to see if your toddlers will enjoy it please get in touch to come along for a free trial session.


Parents and guardians are encouraged to join in and share the enjoyment with their Tiny Tot Bopper. As well as building budding dancers in our Tiny Tot Bop classes we want to build lasting friendships and lay the foundations for continued learning - our aim is that week after week you will see their confidence and development blossom.

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