Embrace Your Love of Dance

At Tiny Tot Bop we realise and promote enthusiasm and energy in a captivating, full of fun session which has been designed by RAD qualified teachers alongside child development practitioners.  Tiny Tot Bop classes encourage children to dance in rhythm to music and to start to learn routines, it also incorporates Ballet and Modern dance in a way that is easy to pick up. Classes are suitable for both boys and girls aged from 12 months upwards, however, younger children can also join in the fun. 

Parents and guardians are encouraged to join in and share the enjoyment with their Tiny Tot Bopper, but there will also be tea and coffee available, as well as juice for the children. Our aim is that week after week you will see their confidence and development blossom.

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These classes are designed to continue the inspiration of dance within children, teaching creative dance and movement to boys and girls. The classes are broken up into different age and combine ballet, tap and modern.


mk mini Adventure (4 Years to 5 Years) - Children begin to build strong foundations of dance technique and good motor skills.

 mk mini Fantasia (5 Years to 6 Years) - Children progress to the next level of dance combining a number of steps together gaining greater skill and learning longer dance sequences.

mk mini Frontier (6 Years to 7 Years) - At this age children are able to take exams if they so wish. Children have developed a sound technique to progress in strength and coordination and are able to be ready to follow the syllabus for Ballet, Tap, and Modern.



MK Dance follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus which prepares pupils for classical ballet examinations from Pre-Primary through to Advanced II. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and examinations are internationally recognized and accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

All pupils are encouraged to set goals for themselves through either examinations or class presentations. Whilst we offer the opportunity for pupils to take exams these are not compulsory. Pupils should be encouraged to develop confidence, discipline, creativity and independence which will help whether they decide to pursue a career in dance or take another route in their lives.

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Tap and Modern classes at MK Dance are designed for beginners and experienced dancers to experience and explore the links of rhythm and improvisation that tap provides. Once they have a good grasp of the basics, pupils are encouraged to build upon them and progress through the grades.

At MK Dance we follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus which prepares children for examinations from Primary to Advanced 2.



Our Musical Theatre classes offer a combination of acting, singing, and dance, taught in an engaging environment for students of all abilities! We teach these elements together in a layered approach so to create vibrant and believable characters and enhance our students' storytelling and performance skills.

MK Dance often brings in Musical Theatre performers to teach a wide range of vocal and dance techniques which gives students the ability to pass from dialogue to song and dance seamlessly within the performance process.

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