MK Dance - where dance is fun

We are a dance school based in a number of different locations across the Croydon, Bromley and Caterham boroughs. At MK Dance we offer classes to people of all ages and in:

Baby Ballet
RAD Ballet
DDMIX fitness
Adult Ballet
Any kind of dance is a fun and creative way to stay fit and helps to improve posture, strength and stamina. Dance and ballet also helps to develop a child’s social skills, which boosts confidence and self esteem. Tap is a fantastic way to build coordination and DDMix will help to keep even the fittest of dancers in shape.

We offer the opportunity for all pupils to take ballet examinations in accordance with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). We are also part of the Council for Dance Education and Training. At MK Dance you can expect a fun and professional dance experience taught by highly trained teachers and instructors.

So whether you are already taking classes and wish to join a thriving school to develop your technique or skills further, or are new to dance and looking for a fun way to get fit, we have the class to suit your ability, and your first lesson will be free!
Please take a look at the rest of the website and if you are interested in joining or for further information then please contact the school through the contacts listed on the Contact Us page. The schools locations in Croydon, Bromley and Caterham can also be found on the Contact Us page, so please do get in touch and pop along for your first free lesson. Alternatively, if you have any questions or would like any other feedback then you can also find us on Facebook.
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