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11 Top Exam Tips

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

We know ballet, tap and modern exams can be daunting and children can be nervous so here are 11 top tips to help you turn that Merit into a Distinction.

Have a look at our tips below, try your best and enjoy the exam - it doesn't last long!

  1. Make sure you look the part. Make sure your ballet tights are clean and without any ladders, and that your leotard is clean and fits correctly.

  2. Clean your ballet shoes. Ask your ballet teacher how to do this, examiners always notice your shoes!

  3. Apply the correct makeup. Always double-check with your teacher, but for exams this will probably be natural, with perhaps just a bit of foundation, blusher and mascara, or it may be none at all

  4. Get everything you will need to sort out your hair. You will need a brush, comb, bobby pins, clips, rips, a bun net, and definitely some gel or hairspray. Ask your teacher if you need any of these but can’t find them.

  5. SORT YOUR HAIR OUT! For ballet exams we ask that you wear your hair in a neat bun, at the back and middle of the head, hair should also be away from the face. If you are unable to do this then please ask your teacher or any parent who is helping on the day of exams.

  6. Remove all jewellery. Please make sure you remove all jewellery before the start of the examination.

  7. Dance the steps as best you can. Make sure you try your very best and dance the steps you have been taught.

  8. Smile at the examiner. Make sure to smile especially when dancing (examiners love seeing happy dancers) and please do look at the examiner from time to time, but not constantly.

  9. POINT THOSE TOES! I don’t think we need to expand on this!

  10. Stand and walk like a ballet dancer, with posture. Make sure to stand in first position when waiting for instruction, and look confident in what you are doing, even if you are a little nervous.

  11. Be polite to the examiner. Say Good morning/afternoon to the examiner and curtsy if your teacher has told you to. Answer any questions they ask politely and say thank you at the end.

Good luck and go get that Distinction!

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